Mary Ann is an incredible teacher! I'm so glad both of my kids were able to learn from her over the Summer.

This has been a wonderful experience. Mary Ann's teaching style is engaging, fun and very hands-on. My son has come home excited to play me a new piano piece every time he attends a lesson.


"Before I knew how to walk I knew how to make music. Loud, obnoxious and pointless as it was, my proud mama would sit me up to their old baby grand and let me pound the keys with my chubby fingers. What she knew was that the love for music is unquenchable and must be fed, not hindered. She continued to help me grow my passion for music by teaching me my piano ABC's long before my feet could touch the sustain pedals. For as long as I can remember she has been bringing life to solitary instruments through her gift of music. Classical or contemporary, at 8 years old and at 18, she always taught me that the love for music is so much more than enjoying the instrument; it is in the excellence and proficiency with which you play, giving others the opportunity to enjoy it as well."

From Pleasure To Performance
Piano Lessons